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HUA MUSICAL International Inc., founded in 2021, is a newly established strong brand in the field of live entertainment! Benchmarking international performance entertainment, Hua Musical International Inc. is committed to the development, production, and distribution of musicals. Furthermore, its business scope covers investment supervision, marketing, performance management, stage technology, talent training, copyright management, and cross-domain development of cultural content, with the goal of creating an operating platform for the performing arts industry in Mandarin-speaking regions.

HUA MUSICAL International Inc. has an international operating team with a full range of experience and resources in the entertainment and cultural industries that aims to provide high-quality musical productions and create unparalleled live experiences for the audience! Extending from Hua Musical International Inc.'s musical repertoire, the company also sets foot in concerts, immersive performances, and interactive technological entertainment that evoke emotions and bring great enjoyment to the public through a diverse and innovative perspective.

HUA MUSICAL International Inc.'s cooperation resources include Broadway (New York), West End(London), Europe and Asia. The company actively connects national and international cultural power, bringing engaging live entertainment performances to the international stage!

Our Divisions

Production & Management

 Musical Production, Management and Licensing


IP Distribution and Management


Live entertainment marketing, press

Ticket sales & Management

Ticket sales and management

Talented Traning

Professional talent training and artist management


Arts Programming and Community Engagement

Honors & awards

✦ In 2021, HUA Musical was selected as one of the teams to be supported by TAICCA's 2021 Cultural Startups Acceleration Project.

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